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About us

In such a complex real estate market, finding an agency you can trust is paramount.

Which real estate agency to trust?

The risk is high of coming across an agency that lacks seriousness, experience or even ethics.

My Dream House is a serious, friendly and dynamic agency.

We respect the code of ethics and deontology, guaranteeing you total transparency. Um professionalism recognized that allows us to work in collaboration with developers, investors and colleagues. In the context of the sale or research, trust is our greatest satisfaction.

How to determine the best selling price?

Too high, and you may not sell. Too low and you lose money. We do a thorough analysis for this based on our visit. Location is one of the most important factors that define the price of a property. While other criteria such as the condition of the building or the quality of the furniture can be adjusted, the location remains unchanged. Land, size, quality and even equipment play an important role. This allows us to determine the best price, i.e. the one that optimizes your assets while being realistic.

How can you be sure that the agency is working in YOUR best interest?

Some agencies may advise you a price that is too low (to sell without much work) or too high (to get the mandate, when they know very well that the advised price is exaggerated). With My Dream House our interests are 100% aligned with yours: guaranteeing a sale at the best price, regardless of the agency’s necessary efforts. This way you can be sure that we act in your best interest at all times!

How can you be sure that the agency is doing its job properly?

My Dream House develops an individual marketing plan with the following helpful:

HD video
HD photos
360° photos
Broadcasting on social networks
Broadcasting on real estate websites

However, our marketing strategy doesn’t stop there. Once a property is on the market, customer requests and feedback are monitored daily so that we can react quickly. In this way, we ensure that we get the best possible price for your property in the shortest possible marketing period.

For any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

with My Dream House…
…the dream becomes reality 🙂